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We know that running a business comes with a ton of challenges. Don’t make your accounting and tax preparation harder than it needs to be! Solution Solvers will happily help you navigate the problems surrounding accounting, payroll, tax filing, and more. Listed below are some educational videos prepared for you by Solutions Solvers Expert Janet Bradsher to help you with some of the issues she sees businesses run into. If you have any further questions or wish to contact Janet about a specific problem, Contact Solution Solvers Today!

Preparing Your Q3 Review

Our first video is about preparing the Q3 review and wrap up before the end of the year. Making sure all expenses have receipts; getting a lot of the prep work completed and comparing to budgets to see how your company has performed so far; making final Q4 adjustments for the end of the year as well as making tax preparation easier by performing the Q1, 2, 3 reviews now with your accountant/bookkeeper.

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